Tuner Evolution Philadelphia '16 : Part Two , The People of TE

     Over the past few years I have been going from show to show taking pictures of the builds then moving on. What I failed to admire was the people. The memories being created and relationships formed all over the shared love for automobiles. This year I have been more drawn towards the crowd rather than the cars they are viewing, taking portraits of my friends and others in the crowd. Tuner Evolution provides me with a paradise for behind the scenes photos. Not only is this one of the best shows on the coast bringing all my friends to one place but it also is an entertainment showcase. There are BMX riders, B Boys, models, and musical performers.

     One thing you will learn is I hold my friends close to me. Anytime I get the chance I try to bring out my camera just for a minute to capture the great times we share. Many of my friends live out of state and with all the conflicting schedules we get to see each other only a handful of times every year. A large group of us were all under one roof last weekend and I didn't dare miss the opportunity to catch them in the viewfinder. 

      I want to give a huge shout-out to a good friend of mine Sebastian Rodriguez (@srodriguez92) who is part of the Tuner Evolution staff as their graphic artist and much more. Seb has been killing it this year. His photography has been doing nothing but grow and he has been landing graphic design jobs left and right. When it came to Tuner Evolution Philadelphia I think anyone that knows him will agree that he blew us away. Not only providing great advertising pieces and a geo-filter on Snapchat for the event, he was able to get his favorite rapper (Xavier Wulf) to come out and perform. It was so awesome to see you experience all your hard work pay off Seb. Keep it up!