I had only been counting down the one year of working my current job until I could go on vacation and I knew exactly where I wanted to go, CALIFORNIA. I have yet to venture off to the west coast so once given the oppourtunity I wanted to be sure to go. A long time friend that I grew up with Jess joined me on this adventure. Our trip was nothing short of some amazing ups and downs that neither of us will ever forget.

Well to start off the trip we slept through our alarms (or I forgot to set mine) and missed our flight. Luckily the airline set us up on the next flight out free of charge. This new flight gave us a little layover in Denver which was a nice leg stretcher rather than the non-stop flight we would have had.  To add to the great morning my allergies were pretty bad and caused aerosinusitis. I had severe sinus pain and headache until we landed and even then my head hurt for a few days after. Following our landing in San Francisco we drove a little over an hour to Modesto where we would be staying our first few days

Following our landing in San Francisco we drove a little over an hour to Modesto where we would be staying our first few days. On our drive I began to realize how drastic California's climate and terrain is. After passing the Bay Bridge into the mainland with every mile it seemed the temperature went up a degree. We went from 80 to 100 in a matter of 20 minutes. From palm trees to giant yellow rolling hills then to vast orchards that filled a giant valley. Entering Modesto we first thought about how we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, second we sighed at the scorching 115 degrees it was going to be everyday. Luckily we would be spending little time here. It was time to see what California had to offer. 


As we passed through the winding roads of the Sierra National Park I could feel the jitters engulf my body as I awaited the sites the day had to offer. Towering Evergreens lined the two lane road and pushed you along the mountain sides to the famous Tunnel View. Seeing that first gorgeous overlook of Yosemite Valley reminded me of that scene in Jurassic Park where the doctor welcomes the park goers. In my head I could hear "Welcome to Yosemite National Park" as I looked over the valley floor lined with waterfalls and enormous rock formations such as Half Dome and El Capitan. Once making our way down into the valley we first came across Bridalveil Falls roared off a 365ft cliff. This was my first time seeing a free-fall waterfall and it was more amazing to see than I though it would be. The fall was even so high that when walking through the woods you could feel the water refreshingly mist down on you.   


One day we made our way down to Monterey and Pebble Beach. I only have 2 things to say, most beautiful coast I've seen and the aquarium is NOTHING LIKE IN FINDING DORY! that is all.

San Francisco

first off, who decided to build a city on such big hills? San Fran was a very laid back city, that was full of diversity. Did the usual touristy things like Lombard Street, the piers, the Painted Ladies, and the Golden Gate. To be honest the city was kind of disappointing, not that much to do but was cool to check out. Id rather spend more time back in the woods. 


West Coast : 6 out of 5 stars